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Commercial Collaboration

In some areas, collaboration among Toolpoint members makes good sense, as more can be achieved together and costs can also be reduced. Toolpoint promotes this collaboration by organising Expert Groups or specific projects on various topics.

IP Expert Group

The IP Expert Group (Intellectual Property), headed by Hans Noser, Toolpoint’s Clusterpreneur, offers a platform for member companies to exchange information on IP topics.

The new Toolpoint service

Send your question about patents, trademark protection, licenses, etc. to

You will receive an answer within 10 working days (excluding holidays/leave). You will receive initial feedback within 48 hours

Depending on your membership status, you may have a number of hours of credit for the initial consultation:

  • Premium membership: 4 hours
  • Basic membership: 2 hours
  • Start-up membership: 1 hour
  • <25 employees, or 5 million turnover membership: 1 hour
  • Key opinion leader: no credit

The initial IP consultation service is included in the membership fee.

The hours of credit are valid for one year of membership and expire at the end of the year.

Members will be made aware of the cost of further services once the credit has been used up. Each additional hour of consultation costs CHF 250.00.