Toolpoint maintains active partnerships with experienced international companies. 

Toolpoint members benefit from attractive special conditions from these partners. In return, the partners gain opportunities for joint projects with our member companies:

  • VZ Vermögenszentrum
    Toolpoint gained an outstanding specialist partner in the VZ Vermögenszentrum this year. VZ develops solutions to optimise the income, assets and tax of its personal customers. VZ supports corporate customers with questions around the occupational pension scheme, which is known as the 2nd pillar of the Swiss pension system.
    We are delighted to present a unique service for Toolpoint members, provided by our new partner.
    Toolpoint members are eligible for a free initial consultation to learn more about retirement planning, with answers to key questions. Take advantage of this opportunity for an individual consultation with an expert from VZ Vermögenszentrum.
    You can find more information here

  • Event with PwC on 23 January 2018 – Digital trends and applications
    We keep hearing the word “digital” again and again. Why? What does it really mean and how does it apply to you?
    In this half-day workshop in PwC's brand-new Digital Experience Center, we will offer some examples of how and where digital opportunities may arise for your company. We will explore digital case studies in relevant areas (such as medtech, labtech and healthcare) and in other sectors to see what we can take away and learn from them.
    You can find more information about this event here.