Innovation / Technology

Innovative capability is a key factor for the competitiveness of the lab science industry. Toolpoint helps to create the ideal breeding ground for innovation.

The proven Toolpoint process forms the basis for joint technology projects: 

Toolpoint Prozess

Graphic of the Toolpoint process: With joint roadmaps (top section of the graphic), global trends are identified and the needs of the members are clarified in one-to-one discussions (bottom section of graphic). The results are summarised and presented to the Toolpoint members in anonymised form. If there is sufficient interest, the corresponding projects are implemented.

Identifying the needs of Toolpoint members

  • Toolpoint has an individual meeting with each member once a year to assess their specific needs.
  • The results of the one-to-one discussions and the trends identified by the roadmap team are summarised anonymously and presented to the members.
  • Consultation with the Toolpoint members then provides clarity on any common needs and whether there is sufficient interest in a joint project. Targeted knowledge and technology transfer is facilitated as needed by involving academic institutions or external companies.

Most projects are confidential and only pertain to the participating companies. Jointly developed technical standards and SOPs as well as the SiLA standardisation initiative are publicly accessible.

Knowledge and technology transfer

Toolpoint organises regular events to promote knowledge and technology transfer:


Toolpoint organises a regular Toolpoint Technology Information Platform known as T-TIP. The T-TIP events include visits and lectures to universities and partner companies with the aim of actively accelerating the transfer of knowledge and technology and providing vertical networking for the industry.