Life Science Zurich Impact Conference - THE CAUSE OF HEALTH

Technopark Zurich03.02.2020 08:00 – 18:00 | Add to calendar


It is in human’s innate interest to stay healthy, both mentally and physically, as long as possible. However, medicine has largely focused on studying the cause of illness in search for cures. Although we have made dramatic advances in identifying specific causes of illness in individual patients, we know remarkably little how individuals stay healthy. Cause of health research differs from classical medical and clinical research since it relies on data from healthy individuals. They play a central role in this research approach since only they can aggregate their different data and authorize access for research.
The conference includes keynotes and parallel sessions as well as investor sessions and 1:1 partnering meetings.

Parallel sessions on the 4 P’s of Health – preventive, prescriptive, personalized and participatory – as well as an investor track will focus on topics such as nutrition & exercise, diagnosis and biomedical imaging, citizen science, digital health, healthy ageing and regenerative medicine.

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