Disposal & Recycling

Waste Management & Recycling

Toolpoint takes its responsibilities towards people and the environment seriously. To facilitate environmentally friendly disposal of equipment and consumables, Toolpoint offers its members a disposal service throughout Europe via a specially established disposal and recycling process that complies with WEEE-Directive 2011/65/EU , Batteries   and   Accumulators-Directive and Packaging-Directive . These directives require disposals by the distributor of equipment that has certain classifications.

The Toolpoint recycling process step by step: 

  • Send your order by email to janet.waespi@toolpoint.ch
  • Decontaminate equipment for transport
  • Complete the decontamination form, ensure the service technician has signed the form, and send a copy to Toolpoint
  • Preparation for disposal (packaging etc.)
  • Collection of the equipment by Toolpoint partners

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Recycling WEEE and RoHS

Recycling Process WEEE and RoHS

All required forms and further information:


Recycling Process


Please send your order with all the details below to janet.waespi@toolpoint.ch.

Thank you very much!

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