hello from the other side

To be successful in a tough world, diversity and openness are key. Successful interaction between genders, generations and cultures is a must if we are to survive in increasingly uncertain times.

SEF.2018's motto is: "Hello from the other side".

We switch perspectives and greet the participants from other, unknown sides. We dispense with dogmas, prejudices and fixed principles. Instead, we use differences as a source of inspiration, contrasts as enrichment and dissent as an opportunity. An open mindset, a pragmatic approach to dealing with contradictions and a solid culture of dealing with mistakes are more helpful to entrepreneurs today than clinging to traditional structures or proven business models.

The SEF is turning into the "Discovery Channel" and offering an enriching journey of discovery into unknown worlds on its 20th anniversary. We are open to ambiguity, seek balance, show both yin and yang and are at one with Shakespeare when he said: "Sweet are the uses of adversity". In this spirit we look forward to expanding our horizons with you together in Interlaken.


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03.07.2018 | Details & Anmelden
Toolpoint After Work Talk: Ethical Hacking

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